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GIVEAWAY Mu (electroclash dance night) @ Echo, July 29

Pssssst...Want to win a pair of tickets to see Mu @ the Echo next Friday?

Friday, July 29; 9 PM; 18+
Mu @ The Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 90026)

Trivia Question: Name three pop culture figures that Mu references in her latest album Out of Breach (Output Recordings, 2005)

“Mu (pronounced “Moo”) is the brainchild of Mutsumi and husband Maurice Fulton. He takes care of the jackhammering rhythms, digital handiwork and sinister atmospherics, but it’s Mutsumi–with her lacerating shrieks and grammatically incorrect English–who presides over the ceremonies. Punctuated by R-rated disses, dysfunctional vignettes and piercing shrieks, her energy is fascinatingly expressed. Mu’s stunning 2003 debut Afro Finger and Gel saw the Japanese-born Mutsumi fashion a lyrical world from our cultural refuse. Maurice’s complex, daring production work was a story in itself, but Mutsumi’s contributions edged it into psychological terrain and made it provocative. Here was Western culture being reflected back to us through the eyes of someone who had watched it from the outside. And what’s more interesting than finding out how someone else sees you?”

Email your answer AND your first and last name to by noon on Friday, July 29. The 6th and 8th person with the correct answer will be put on the guest list for the show.

Buy tickets.
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