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Portland was fun, but...

The South Pacific is rocking with the biggest storm of the year right now, and the wave trajectory is pointing right at my fine hometown of San Diego in California, as well as every other south-facing beach from Tahiti to Hawaii and Peru to Alaska. Check out this from

"The initial effects of this storm will be felt in Tahiti on Sunday and Monday with waves in excess of 30 feet on the face at Teahupo'o. We've already put the alert out to most of the world's big wave surfers and many are already on their way down to Tahiti to surf these huge waves. Next up will be Hawaii's South Shores with solid 8-15 foot waves (faces) by Thursday. Skipping over to the other side of the ocean, surfers in Costa Rica, Mexico, and California will also enjoy 8-12 foot waves (faces) by Friday and Saturday. Santa Cruz and many Northern California south-facing areas will also enjoy 8-12 foot waves on Saturday and Sunday. Canada's southerly breaks will be firing with 6-10 foot surf on Sunday. And if you don't mind dodging a few grizzly bears on the beach and surfing off a glacier, Alaska will have great 4-8 foot surf from this swell on Monday."
Direct link:

So it looks like it's time to hop back on 5-South. I really hate to leave Portland though. There's lot's I still want to see in this cool, drizzly town. Talked to a girl who's a local artist and wanted to investigate her talent, as well as look into getting into some other arty-art openings... But, I have my priorities.
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