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This community is created for residence of Southern California, or those who just love the area. Please feel free to post adventures, fun trips, photos, great places to go, or fun things happening.

Rules/ guidelines:
· Please feel free to post pictures, in fact it is encouraged, but keep them under 640x480, or put them under a lj-cut. If you are posting more than two photos, please put them under a lj-cut.
· Anything that might be considered offensive please put behind a lj-cut, if not it will be deleted without warning. However you may repost as long as it is behind a cut and people are warned it may be offensive to view or "not work safe".
· Please be kind. I don’t want much negativity.
· I will try to warn members if their post violates the spirit of this journal. Vulgar and unappropriate remarks will definately be deleted.

If you do not know how to use a lj-cut, check out the link below:

if you are not aware of posting pictures visit this link:
Posting Photos

Have fun!!!!

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